Wigs are amazing protective styles that can be worn by women across all races. Regardless of how much or little your natural hair is, you can wear a wig. If your natural hair is really long, it is important to put it in small cornrows and/or use a wig cap before wearing an Amipard wig to ensure your wig looks as natural, realistic and flat as possible.

What are Closure Wigs, Frontal Wigs & U-Part Wigs?

CLOSURE WIG is made using a lace closure and 2/3/4 bundles of hair. The lace closure is a small piece of lace of about 4-5 inches that allows for a natural look. Lace closures can only be parted in one area only. Its the easiest type of wig to wear because no glue is needed, easy to maintain daily and great for first time wig wearers.

FRONTAL WIG is made using a lace frontal and 2/3/4 bundles of hair. The lace frontal measures 13 inches from ear to ear and the hair can be parted freely to be worn in the middle, left, or right side. Lace frontal can be worn with glue or glueless, bearing in mind that the ear area might flap without glue. It gives a great hairline illusion but requires high maintainance as constant styling of the hairline might be required.

U PART WIG is a wig with a U shaped opening at the front that allows you to blend a little part of your natural hair out in the front. Its a great way of making your hair look like a sewin due to your front hair out while actually wearing a wig.